Accelerate your digital transformation by making autonomous
the business experts in updating their processes

Adhoc mail

Structured processing of single piece business mail (sifted) in the context of a digital mailroom. osidoc is a complementary solution to complex desktop publishing solutions used in the production of workstation documents either in a transactional or interactive mode.

Interactive document

In the interactive mode, the end user makes use of his web browser and tracks the development of his document as he writes, right through to the final validation.
He can subsequently access it from his workstation either to print it or send it to his data publishing center.

Drafting of contracts

Osidoc is a fantastic assistant for drafting contracts of all types (contracts, supplier contracts, commercial contracts, ...).
Osidoc guarantees the security of the content managed by business experts who are able respond to any changes in the regulatory environment and carry out real time updates.

Secure drafting of legal instruments

Whatever the legal area (company law, power of attorney, labor law, real estate law, ...), the osidoc tool provides legal professionals with an automated and secure solution for drafting legal documents.

Osidoc works in a portal mode either in a standard format or integrated with other business applications.

Dynamic online forms

Osidoc is a dynamic online form server which can be operated within the context of electronic procedures or online submissions (making procedures paperless).
The Osidoc technology requires much less bandwidth compared to other interactive technologies such as PDF ( a ratio of 1 to more than 10 000 times lighter in some cases).

Collection of web information

Osidoc has the capability for the posting of online forms for web data collection in a matter of minutes.

This is indeed the case with online surveys or and the secure drafting of employment contracts and agreements in a decentralized organization where data input is automated via a HRIS.

To make the business departments autonomous in the success of their digital transformation by guaranteeing:

An improvement of their operational excellence.

A reduction in their compliance risks to tend towards 0 legal default.

A tangible contribution to the improvement of the turnover through more customers and more committed collaborators.

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of the turnover invests in R&D
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