Customer benefits

Osidoc is a QWL (Quality of Life at Work) development solution.


RPA frees up time to focus on valuable tasks.


Less paper due to the validation rules carried by the authoring process and the preview technology allowing a validation without materialization


RPA reduces the time required to complete each task.


RPA is a source of cost reduction.


Add value to the user who through the tool no longer make mistakes.


Shortening of validation times, acceleration of operational processes


Elimination of the risk of errors, auditability and compliance



Takeover of customers’ web graphics charters

in a few days of adaptation before installation:

compliance with customer requirements

in intranet, extranet and internet.

Security – RGPD

Cloud Act of Osidoc

Access to Osidoc can be done via our customers’ directories by connectors that are provided natively. Simple user access via LDAP, Active Directory, internal customer directories with or without SSO.

With regard to the type of customers using Osidoc, our customers regularly carry out intrusion tests, in particular so that OSTENDI can improve its solution in the face of the risks involved.

Osidoc’s technical architecture is insensitive to the Cloud Act and has RGPD functionalities guaranteeing customer compliance.

Finally, OSTENDI is recognized as a trusted publisher through the FNTC.

Technical performances

of Osidoc

Osidoc Server is developed in Web technology. Osidoc was deployed for the first time within a large banking group in 2004.

OSTENDI has focused on providing a robust solution based on market standards and also supported by open-source components for the technical base of our customers.

In this sense, aspects such as response time and bandwidth consumption have been the key elements of the adoption of Osidoc by its users as well as those related to security.

Today, for example, Osidoc is deployed on a client platform composed of two Tomcat servers in load balancing for operation by more than 40,000 users in interactive mode.

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